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A Shot at the Big Time
Lisa Raskin is a woman with big aspirations. Sure, there are worse things than being the second in command to Maxima City’s one and only female supervillain and Lisa knows she has a pretty sweet gig. But no one ever dreams of being second banana, so when she’s given the opportunity to join the Coalition of Evil, Maxima City’s who’s-who of A-lister Malevolents, Lisa jumps at the chance. Especially since this means she can finally have her revenge against Magnificent Man, the hero responsible for the tragedy that turned her to the dark side. 

But becoming a household name isn’t all evil plans and underground lairs. There are hoops to jump through, brand consultation meetings, damages to pay for, and diva costume designers to deal with. Worst of all, Magnificent Man has made himself scarcer than pockets on women’s clothing. Add in an antagonistic ex, a clueless rival, and a taxing day job, and it’s no wonder this ice talent is about to lose her cool.

Going Green
In the ambiguously near future, a snap decision by a government official inadvertently sets in motion the destruction of mankind. Going Green chronicles the brief journey from infection to extinction through a series of short, interconnected stories, peppered with colorful commentary from both the skeptics and those just looking to survive. Please note: The following is a lighthearted and satirical novella of approximately 23,000 words. It is not intended for use as a survival guide in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. 
Going Green

Kind Of Like Life

All Renee Ward ever wanted out of life was two things: Good friends to share her love of fantasy and fairy tales, and for magic to be real. When her family moves halfway across the country in the middle of her senior year, it appears as if Renee just might get her wish. With its Victorian homes and quaint downtown, Waterside is almost too good to be true. Not only does she find friends who share her interests, but she also meets a cute guy who seems to have a magical secret or two of his own. But after a visit from the mysterious Blake Carter, Renee’s new utopian life suddenly turns into a never-ending nightmare. The only question is, how much of this is real, and how much is just in her head?
Kind of Like Life

Rise of the Discordant (Series)

Past Life Strife (Rise of the Discordant Book#1)
Blackbird may seem like any other small Midwestern town, but the bland and unremarkable façade hides a dark and deadly secret. The Discordant, creatures from the realm of Chaos, lurk in the shadows, preying upon the souls of Blackbird’s unsuspecting residents. 
As an Observer, Seth is tasked with identifying the lost before they fall victim to the Discordant. An unenviable job under normal circumstances, but the situation takes a turn for the worse when Blackbird’s Guardian calls it quits and no new Guardian is available to take her place. Instead, Seth now finds himself partnered with Desmond, a powerful and intimidating Warrior, who worries that Seth will give in to the lure of Chaos. Desmond’s fears are all but validated when a magical disturbance draws even more Discordant to the area. Among them is Amara, a dangerous and nearly invincible femme fatale from Seth’s past. 
To stop her, Seth must sacrifice his own soul or put all of his faith in a psychic’s vague prediction. But without a Guardian, both the Observer and Warrior are at a disadvantage and time is running out. 
Past Life Strife (Rise of the Discordant #1)

Splitsville (Rise of the Discordant Book #2)
Jem and Nai may be twins, but as two halves of a split soul, they are as different as night and day. After losing their lives in a boating accident, the teens are recruited by Order to replace the recently departed Guardian of Blackbird. Their job? To protect and save the souls of the lost before they fall to the Discordant. A simple task under ordinary circumstances, but the town of Blackbird is far from ordinary. 
It would be bad enough if their arrival simply coincided with that of a wraith, a rare and nearly impossible to catch Discordant. But the teens must also contend with souls that won’t stay saved and adults who don’t trust them, all while keeping up the appearance of normal high school seniors. And just because the universe hadn't finished piling it on, a local mystic reveals that the twins’ worst enemy may be each other. 
Jem and Nai soon discover that they are just as anomalous as the town they have been assigned to protect and can’t help but to question the supposed infallibility of the Creator. After all, who in their right mind would put the fate of the world into the hands of teenagers?
Splitsville (Rise of the Discordant Book #2)

You Wish (Rise of the Discordant Book #3)
After a scuffle with his sister smashes the bottle he found at the antique store, Jem becomes the not-so-proud owner of a wisecracking djinn who promises to make his every dream come true. The cost? Nothing less than his soul. But Jem is no ordinary agent and falling to Chaos means bringing about the end of the world. 
Meanwhile, Desmond discovers that a crack in the barrier between realms has opened below the site of the old paper mill and grows wider each day. The solution to both problems may lie with Eller Raglund, a powerful, yet antisocial mystic. But before he can help, Eller must reconcile his own paradoxical problems. 
One way or another, it seems Blackbird is going to become the battleground in the final fight for Order. The question is, how soon? And more importantly, will the gang survive long enough to see the grand opening of Big Royal Burger?

You Wish (Rise of the Discordant Book #3)

The Eyes of The Sun (Series)

New Orleans certainly has no shortage of vampire legends and after a few months in the French Quarter, Lucy Soriano was sure she had heard them all. But when a date with a handsome stranger takes a deadly turn, she quickly discovers that the truth is more terrifying than fiction. The real monsters are the creations of evolutionary advantage, not vivid imaginations. 
But vampires aren't the only ones with evolution on their side. An anomaly in her blood is found to be fatal to vampires and Lucy is swiftly recruited into shadow organization hell bent on eliminating the vampire problem once and for all. Vampirehunting does not come naturally and Lucy's dangerous improvisations are quickly called out by Andre Garnier, a hunter who makes no secret of the fact that he opposes Lucy's recruitment. 
Soon it is discovered that The Eyes of The Sun, the oldest and most dangerous collective of vampires, are once again gaining ground and have infiltrated the very organization that is trying to stop them. The hunters have become the hunted and no one is to be trusted. Lucy and Andre are forced to set aside their differences for the sake of survival, but The Eyes of The Sun have an agenda that no one expected.
The Eyes of The Sun (The Eyes of The Sun #1)

Bluebeard's Children (The Eyes of The Sun Book #2)
Lucy Soriano's life is falling apart. Working for the outreach was supposed to be rewarding, but convincing modified vampires to go against their programming was no easy task. Even worse, after a misunderstanding sends Andre jetting off to Europe without so much as a goodbye, the nightmares about her abduction in Paris have gotten worse.
When she encounters a teenage girl who appears to share her deadly secrets, Lucy learns of a plantation where children are hunted by vampires as sport. Now Lucy must travel deep into the bayou to track down and stop the monster responsible. But before she can put an end to Bluebeard's deadly game, she must first save the one who holds the key to her own mysterious existence.
Bluebeard's Children (The Eyes of The Sun #2)

Mother of Darkness (The Eyes of The Sun Book #3)
With the Eclipse project disbanded and the government still keeping secrets, the former hunters are co-opted into the outreach effort aimed at convincing the mods to change their ways. Lucy Soriano is pleased that the focus has shifted from killing vampires to saving them, but soon learns that some of the hunters are having a harder time transitioning than others. Even worse, the organization is thrown into chaos when an unknown enemy begins targeting vampires and making threats against the hunters, and Lucy finds herself inexplicably suffering from a mysterious illness.

Piecing together the puzzle out of false leads and whispered rumors just leaves Lucy with more questions than answers. Is the government behind the attacks or are The Eyes of The Sun once again on the rise? Or is New Orleans in danger of falling to a new and unknown power? But most importantly, will Lucy survive long enough to discover the truth?
Mother of Darkness (The Eyes of The Sun Book #3)

(Dissonant is a short, 15,000 word story that takes place 20 years before the events of The Eyes of The Sun.)
A mysterious threat stalks New Orleans at night, leaving a trail of dead bodies, whispered rumors of vampires, and a terrified police force who want nothing to do with it. 
When he becomes the first to survive, Evan Conroy enlists the help of his best friends to investigate and find a rational explanation for the paranormal attacks. But every answer they uncover reveals even more questions and one among them will discover that she is not quite what she seems.

Dissonant (The Eyes of The Sun Prequel)


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