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Art is something I can not get enough of. I'm lucky enough to live in close proximity to some incredible museums, including the Kimbell Art Museum and The Modern of Fort Worth. But while museums are fantastic, there are a lot of fantastic artists out there right now, creating museum worthy works that even those of us without a hefty trust fund can support and enjoy. Below are links to artists whose works deserve a look. If you are not in the market for art, or you are not ready to make an investment, please consider liking and sharing these artist's pages so that others may see them as well.

Are you an artist? Do you know an artist who should be featured here? Email me at and I'll be happy to add you to the list!

BB Wynter

BB Wynter is not just an author, but also an artist, model, and illustrator. Her visual works range from pencil sketches, to paintings, to digital creations and beyond. She's done the cover for her own book, stunning portraiture, natural scenes,  as well as cartoon art that will be featured on the upcoming Support for Indie Authors website. 

Tammy Witzens

Tammy is another author and visual artist who specializes in pin-up style drawing and painting. Tammy's style is visually striking and usually themed. Every moth, she hosts an ArtStrology giveaway on Facebook. This year, her theme is robots. She also has the more whimsical shell comics, which delves into the daily lives of snails.

Shoshanah Marohn

AKA: The artist who created my new cover art for this blog. Shoshanah is a member of the Tenderfoot Art Collective, who just had a successful showing in Madison, WI. Subjects range from roosters to dinosaurs and just about everything in between, blending American folk and modern art brilliantly. Find out more about this multi-talented artist/farmer/storyteller/supermom on her blog or on Facebook.

Jim Brightwell
A local artist who creates wall art out of concrete, steel, and bubble wrap, giving each piece a unique landscape of textures and colors. We recently had a chance to see his collection at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. There are no pieces listed for sale on the site, but there is a contact page.

J Lewis

A San Francisco artist whose paintings range range from abstract to landscape with several funky pop art pieces. Each work is one of a kind and most pieces feature unique texture detail that adds dimension.

Ben Boyce
Ben Boyce is the artist whose work appears in the special edition paperback version of Going Green. I was introduced to Ben' art by Shoshanna Marohn. His works makes stunning use of color and has a very ethereal feel to it. He sells his art through the Facebook page listed above, and is also available for commission work. Ben has also recently expressed an interest in doing illustration for books.

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