Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Confessions of a Failed Blogger

Way back at the beginning of May, I made a post with a short survey asking folks what they would want to see on this blog. The idea was to get ideas for content and have a feature at least once a week. Well, it is now the middle of July and as you can see, I've done nothing.

I'm simply not a blogger.

I tried. I had ideas. I had themes. I even had some posts that would give you an extra little bit of insight into how my brain works. But what I don't seem to have is time.

Now, this is not the end. I'm keeping the blog. For now, at least, while I try to decide if it would be better to have a website (because, you know, those aren't work or anything). I'll continue to host indie book launches, interviews, and promos just as I have in the past. But you probably won't see too many hot sports opinions from yours truly.

Except this one: it is said that an author "needs" a web presence, either in the form of a regularly maintained blog or a flashy website. To that I thumb my nose and give other rude gestures. I don't follow rules. Especially when it comes to being an author. I know there are those who would judge me for this and I know plenty who think they are better for following the "rules." To those people, I simply say have fun on your journey.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got my next book to write. You can at least expect a blog post when I've got more to say on that. ;-)


  1. I understand, Christine, and I'm worse that you. I simply cannot pay attention to my blog! Every time I get an idea the next thing I know, I'm working on book 5 of Spaceships and Magic, and the blog goes by the wayside. And promoting? Ha! It's practically nil. I'm not getting to anywhere on the internet much lately (not even to lurk! This is my first lurk in a long time!). Oh, well, my energy is not the best right now, so I put it where I want it the most. *SIGH* Guess I need a blog assistant or something and a promoter. Can't afford either. Hang in there and keep writing your books and stories; that's the most important thing.

    1. You keep writing that book, Bea! I'm ready for the next installment! ;-)
      I'm not much of a blog assistant, but if you need a promoter, you've got one right here, free of charge.