Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Space Girl from Earth: Cover Reveal and Special Announcement

Hi Everyone! Today I'm excited to finally, after years and years of talking about it, introduce you to Princess Robot Commander! That is, I'd like to introduce you to Ellie Whitmore, a young woman who is more of a curiosity than she'd ever thought, which is saying something! 

For this series, I've commissioned artwork from Missy Sheldrake for the covers. I wanted something that captured the retro feel of the paperbacks I used to devour in my youth, and I think she captured the spirit of those covers better than I could have ever imagined. Now, because of the detailed artwork Missy made, I decided we needed to do two separate covers. One for the paperback, and one for the Kindle edition. First, here's the paperback cover:

As you can see, there is a LOT of detail here. From the blue-painted tips of Ellie's fingernails right down to the Easter Egg laden doodles on her Chucks (including a robot who might be just a tad familiar to readers of this blog), the image exudes so much personality and I absolutely LOVE how she made Ellie come to life. But for the Kindle Edition, there was no way people would see all of that detail in Amazon's tiny thumbnail. So we concentrated instead on Ellie's face:

Zooming in brought out all of the amazing features. I adore Ellie's expression of awe and wonder. I mean, who wouldn't be blown away and overwhelmed to see outer space for the first time?

So! What's it all about, you ask? Well, here's the book's description that will show up on the product page:

Yesterday, her biggest worry was failing an exam. Today, it's saving the galaxy.

Ellie Whitmore is no ordinary girl. Even if her parents weren’t internationally famous celebrities, her six foot four inch height and oddly spotted complexion would make her stand out in any crowd. But never would she have guessed she was an alien from far across the galaxy. Or that hidden within her genetic makeup lies the Kyroibi: an ancient and powerful relic housing the forbidden knowledge of her people.

Knowledge some would sacrifice everything to possess.

Worse, it isn't just the malevolent Emperor who wants the Kyroibi. Her own mother can't resist the draw of ultimate power and the one person Ellie might be able to trust is an unrepentant assassin who may be responsible for her life’s upheaval. Now, she must travel to a distant planet and unlock the secrets to restoring peace and ending tyranny. But how can anyone expect her to save the galaxy when she can’t even pass organic chemistry?

Sound interesting? A Space Girl from Earth, The Kyroibi Trilogy Book One will be available on May 15th. It's available for pre-order now, but...
For one day on Friday the 19th, it's going to be FREE! 
Yes! Crazy, isn't it? But this is my gift to you, the awesome folks who are always the first to read and review my books. And you're helping me as well! I mean, by all means, throw money at me if you'd like, but by grabbing the freebie, you are helping elevate my book up the ranks, which means it will get into the hands of even more readers. Readers who might stick around and snap up the rest of the trilogy! 

So please, mark your calendars for
May 19th
and help me spread the word! 

In the meantime, I've got a three chapter preview available to anyone who wants one. I can can send you a PDF or Mobi (kindle) file via email. There is supposed to be a preview on Goodreads, but as of press time, this had not yet shown up.
UPDATE! Goodreads has the preview! 
Just fill out the form below and I'll send one over.  

More updates!
Missy has written a great post about the process of creating the cover. Read all about it here and check out the cool video showing how it was done! 

Also, Ember Raine Winters has done an excellent character interview with Ellie. Get to know more about my reluctant protagonist here!

Thanks again, everyone, for your continued support of Indies! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dangerously Beautiful Blog Hop

Hi Everyone! Today I'm spreading some indie love for some lovely indies who happen to be authors of all things love. Ember and Amanda are not just fabulous authors, but also two of the nicest gals you'll ever meet, and they happen to have new books to celebrate. So without further ado...

✰ Welcome to the Dangerously Beautiful Facebook Hop, organized by Ember-Raine Winters and Amanda Siegrist to celebrate their new releases, Beautiful Sacrifice (Pride & Honor - Book 2) and The Danger With Love. ✰

To help celebrate, 23 amazing Authors and Bloggers are joining us for some fun! Discover your new favorite blogger and share the love of books, or find a new author with a great story just waiting for you to read! Hop around to each page for games, fun, and prizes. You won’t be disappointed! Romance fun at its finest!

Since we're celebrating romance, I'm giving away one Kindle edition box set of my sci-fi romance trilogy, The Eyes of The Sun. For a chance to win, just visit the Amazon giveaway page. (This is a sweepstakes style giveaway. Every ​eligible entry between now and 11:59pm PDT April 20th will be entered for a chance to win. Amazon picks the winner at random. There is no purchase necessary and this giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook.) And since I believe in making sure everyone is a winner, I'll let you in on a secret: the first book in the trilogy is free tomorrow! That's it, no strings attached!  Thanks for stopping by!

The next stop on the Dangerously Beautiful Hop is Pretty Little Book Reviews - Visit that page for more fun and prizes!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the grand prize of the event! One winner will be chosen at random to win a signed paperback copy of Beautiful Delusions (Pride & Honor - Book 1) and The Danger With Love AND a $30 Amazon Gift Card.
Enter here
You’ll have a chance to enter from April 20, 2017 12:00 AM EST to April 25, 2017 12:00 AM EST. This giveaway is not affiliated or associated with Facebook whatsoever. Good luck and have fun!

Here's the list of all blogs and Facebook pages participating. Make sure to visit them all!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Not So Average Girl Next Door

In sci-fi, especially young adult sci-fi, there are tons of tropes. One of the most overplayed is the average and completely unremarkable protagonist suddenly emerging from their ordinary and bland shell to be the chosen one who saves the day. There has to be. Right? Don't we all want a character we can identify with?


What's ordinary? What's average? Me? I'm about as average as it gets until I stand up and reveal to the world that I'm a literal giant. I absolutely cannot relate to those tiny little spitfire protagonists who stand all of five feet four.

And so, I don't write average. Well, there was Renee Ward in Kind of Like Life. Renee was described as average, but she wasn't chosen to save the world. Lucy, from The Eyes of The Sun, was a little less average having grown up in the shadow of DC, with an unusual appearance, and suffering from poor little rich girl syndrome. She doesn't save the world, but Lucy was definitely of the chosen one variety.

But neither of them have anything on Ellie. Ellie Whitmore is very extraordinary. She's the daughter of celebrities. She's six feet four inches tall, and she has spots. Not freckles, spots. All over her face and hands are white dots that stand out against her dark complexion. She is as extraordinary as they come and she is tasked with saving not just the world, but the whole galaxy.

So why? Why make this crazy out there character living a one in a million life?

Because relatable is as subjective as anything else in fiction. You may not relate to a tall freak of nature, but I do. I can't relate to being famous, well, at least not yet, eh? ;-)

I try to give all of my protagonists extraordinary traits for one simple reason: so that when life throws them a curve ball, they don't end up heavily medicated in a mental health facility as I'm certain I would if I was tasked with going from zero to save the galaxy in a single plot twist.

But Ellie isn't a cool cucumber. Her first order of business when she finds out Earth may not be her native planet is to have a major panic attack. Which is one of the reasons I like her. She's not of Earth, but she's human. I can't wait to share her story with you all!

For now, you'll have to settle for this teaser, which includes a small excerpt from the book and a small teaser of the cover art:

Intrigued? I hope so. Later this month I'll be excitedly revealing the Kindle and print edition covers along with the description, so make sure to keep an eye out!